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How to earn money from facebook without investment?

How to earn money from Facebook without investment?: possible?

Can you earn money from Facebook that too without any investment? You are certainly among those who use social networks to communicate, share photos, find friends, add new people, have fun, etc.
How to earn money from facebook without investment?
How to earn money from Facebook without investment?

However, did you know that some internet users use it to fill their pockets? Indeed, it is possible to earn money easily on the Internet, in particular by using Facebook. 

But how to earn money from Facebook without investment?

Make Easy Money Online: The Perfect Facebook Profile

The first factor to consider if you want to earn money easily on the Internet with Facebook is your profile. A well-groomed and particularly attractive profile attracts visitors who can later become friends or followers. 

If this applies to a simple user, it has more particular significance for a person wishing to market products, services or skills via his Facebook page. Therefore, we advise you to choose your profile photo carefully. 

It should reflect the image you want to send to your friends and followers. An authentic and bright image will do the trick.

Take the time to provide some concise and accurate information about yourself and your professional background. Your present and future friends need to know that you are a credible person. 

This will build their confidence, which will no doubt work in your favour when developing your business activity on your page.

Create more pages, more groups and get more friends

The goal here is to attract as many people as possible to you. For this, create several pages talking about several catchy subjects to arouse the interest of a maximum of people. 

Indeed, Facebook users actually love everything they find incredible. So choose your subjects well. The same is true for groups. Create as many and bring people.

Publish quality content on your Facebook Fan pages

Of course, if you want to earn money on Facebook without investment, you have to be careful with the content that you publish on your page. 

Keep in mind that the moment you make the commitment to earn money on Facebook, your page automatically becomes a business. 

To attract attention, interest followers and make money, publish relevant and adapted content that meets the expectations of followers and visitors.

It is also beneficial for you to create several fan pages that you will take care to manage by putting together a good marketing strategy that is coherent enough to highlight them among Internet users. 

In case you do not know what a fan page is, remember that it is simply a page that is created in order to attract many fans and promote traffic on a Facebook page. 

From this point of view, fan pages can very quickly become a source of income for your activity depending on the quality of your publications and the level of adherence of followers and visitors to these publications.

These publications can be photos, images, videos, documents, products.
Earn money online with Facebook videos
Earn money online with Facebook videos

However, have a preference for video content. They are very popular and make sure every time any post on a fan page has to be related to the subject of that page.

Start earning money now with Facebook!

Once you have the ideal profile, making money on the Internet with Facebook becomes easier. These few methods will certainly help you.

Make Money By Signing Up For Affiliate Programs

There is not a single serious company which today does not go through social networks to broaden its clients and thus find new buyers. The reason is that social networks have become essential. 

Also, if we take the example of Facebook, companies today subscribe to affiliate platform programs, create affiliate programs in order to promote their brands. 

The objective is to expand the basket of visitors to their sales sites to increase their sales potential.

Also, you can make money by registering on an affiliate platform belonging to a company in order to highlight its brand. 

Thanks to this practice which tends to be generalized, you have the possibility of forming partnerships with companies which in return, will pay you profits. 

It is an opportunity that is really worth the effort because, in a way, you become an “ambassador” of the brand of one or more company for commission costs which are often significant.

The principle is quite simple. The platform is configured in such a way that it will produce automatically and then provide you with a series of options (banners, hypertext links, etc.). 

All these options have the ability to save or store all the actions carried out by your followers on Facebook. Clearly, each link followed by your followers and visitors will send you information which will then be used to produce statistics. 

These statistics provide information that will be used by the different brands with which you are in partnership to offer suitable and eye-catching offers for each profile.

To achieve this, you need to think about the right strategy that could make thousands of people agree to follow you and get into the habit of liking your publications in connection with the products of your partner companies. 

In return, you win big, and there are several ways you can get your winnings. First, you will be able to receive a sum of money each time a visitor or follower is hyperactive on your facebook page (it follows all the links). 

Then, because several visitors and followers use your links to register, and finally you will also earn a lot of money for being very active in the sale of the company's products.

Find partners to sponsor your publications

Many companies use natural persons to act as intermediaries for their online product campaigns. It's an opportunity you can take. Once the partnership has been concluded, the company with which you have obtained an agreement makes its products available to you. 

It is then up to you to make these products known to your many followers in order to test their level of adhesion to these different products. 

We also advise you to often inform your followers of the reasons for which you highlight all these products. This could be a stimulating factor for greater buy-in from them.

The process for displaying the products of the partner company is quite simple on Facebook. There is an option on Facebook called "  branded content". 

This option allows you to report the account of a company in each of your publications. In return, the company is committed to sponsoring some of your activities, making it easy for you to earn money from Facebook without investment.

Sell your own products or skills via your Facebook pages

How to earn money from facebook without investment?
How to earn money from Facebook without investment?

In addition to being able to publish offers or announcements from companies or individuals, you can also use them to sell your own products or know-how. 

Many fans won over to your cause, it is money in perspective if you are ingenious. Have you developed an effective solution to combat acne? 

Why use it alone when thousands of people around the world suffer from acne?

Use your Facebook page to sell this product, or simply market its formula.
The same is true if you are passionate about literature, travel or finance. Publish e-books, give paid advice on the best places to go on a trip, or even on the good tricks to manage your finances well and multiply them. 

In short, you have endless possibilities available to you today to earn money from facebook that too without investment.

Making Easy Money On The Internet: The Methods That Work

In addition to the ways you can earn money directly on Facebook, there are several more profitable methods that have been proven to work without investment.

Facebook ad apps

Facebook applications for announcements are intended for advertising. An application that innovates is likely to be loved by thousands of people around the world. 

Which, of course, is an opportunity to earn money from Facebook without investment. 

That said, many services are available online to allow you to develop Facebook applications. They are inexpensive and effective in getting good publicity.


How to earn money from facebook gaming without investment?
How to earn money from Facebook gaming without investment?

Why not get started in the development of Facebook applications for games. Many users love online games. It's a way to make a lot of money via your official Facebook page, so think about it!

Online shops

Create your own online store via Facebook. You just need to use authorized applications to open an online store on your Facebook page. 

Build a commercial mobile application

The Facebook social network is known for its multifunctional use. What is more, studies carried out in recent years clearly indicate that just under 60% of daily Facebook traffic is carried out using mobile phones? 

By doing so, you can earn money by developing a mobile application intended to respond to a specific and well-identified problem expressed by thousands of users in your environment. 

For example, you can develop a mobile application whose purpose is to provide real-time information on the availability of pharmaceuticals and pharmacies on duty in the area.

The advertisement

You can sell your products or services through an advertising platform. However, you must make sure that the advertisements related to your products and services are different from conventional banner ads.

Landing pages

Many applications exist to allow you to add content to your fan page. Use them to allow your fans and visitors to post offers via your page, find information or simply communicate them regarding certain products. So you will make money without difficulty.

Earn money via Facebook groups

How to earn money from Facebook groups without investment?
How to earn money from Facebook groups without investment?

On Facebook, you have the possibility of belonging to several groups or of creating them yourself. So why not make it a financial opportunity to earn some money from time to time. 

To start, find a very catchy idea, identify the needs generally expressed by many people in your environment 

It may be a need to often buy second-hand smartphones and bring solutions through a common interest group that you will create on your Facebook page.

This group could allow people who want to buy or sell products online to get in touch. 

You will, therefore, serve as an intermediary and in return will obtain remuneration on the transactions carried out. 

Even better, hopefully reaching thousands of members could encourage other types of contracts with large marketers who are always on the lookout for the right deal.

How to make money with shopify store?Tips for a profitable Shopify Store

Shopify is the most popular service for websites or shops on the internet.

How to make money with a Shopify store?Tips for a profitable Shopify Store
How to make money with a Shopify store? Tips for a profitable Shopify Store

The opportunity is interesting but also involves taking risks. 

In recent years, e-commerce with dropshipping has grown so much that CMSs like Shopify now have countless tools to optimize and simplify the process of selling on the internet, which allows them to remain competitive in the face of an industry in full growth. 

Since its foundation in 2004, the company has created increasingly sophisticated features designed specifically for beginners who will not need to code an entire site.

But even armed with the best tools, you also need the right method, best practices and tips for a successful Shopify store. 

When we talk about succeeding, it is not necessarily to make a big turnover, but to be profitable and to reach your objectives. 

Here are all of our tips and advice for a successful Shopify store.
How to make money with a Shopify store?Tips for a profitable Shopify Store
How to make money with a Shopify store?Tips for a profitable Shopify Store

Prepare well before getting started

Success also depends on your preparation. If you want to run 40km you will need to prepare beforehand, to train. 

Thus, preparation is essential for success as an e-trader. 

Good market research

a good product and getting started at the right time is essential before building a real selling machine.

Before you launch your e-commerce site or take the next step, you may want to take steps to prepare yourself for maximum impact.

Prepare your audience: 

Don't assume that your target audience is as impatient as your site. 

In fact, there is a good chance that - without the proper precautions - they may not be aware of it at all. 

Make sure you know where to find them and how to get them talking about your business and why not schedule an orchestrated launch.

Start your awareness campaign : 

Well before the launch of your site is imminent, start collecting email addresses and building your media list. 

Marketing is the key to any site's long-term success, and it's never too early to start laying the groundwork. 

You can consider a recommendation marketing program to create a buzz or more traditional forms of advertising. 

You can, therefore, prepare an affiliate campaign or of course create a lead magnet to capture emails.

Do tons of research to analyze the market and the competition: Rather than rushing into launching a site, take the time to gather preliminary information that will help you in the long run. 

For example, separate tests with various advertisements and site designs can help you refine your approach. 

Also, don't forget the value of in-depth discussions with your friends and associates about your business, as this will allow you to quickly start the conversation on your site.

But also, it is important to budget your project and know if you will have enough funds to get started. 

Here is the list of the different potential costs to get started in dropshipping with Shopify :
  1. Subscription to tools and tools to search for products
  2. Subscription to Shopify applications.
  3. The Shopify theme.
  4. The time spent managing everything.
  5. Internet marketing and retargeting advertisements.
  6. Referencing (if carried out by a third party or an application).
  7. Monthly or annual fees for the supplier.
  8. Product costs.
  9. Shipping costs.
  10. Mailing.
  11. Subcontracting (after-sales service for example)

In total, you must plan at least $ 80 per month to run your online store.

Have an excellent user experience

Everyone creates a site that appeals to them, but the site must above all appeal to your future customers. User experience is paramount. 

In some areas, it will take incredible amounts of information to reassure the customer before selling, in others it will only take a few minutes. 

Your whole site must be designed with the right vocabulary and based on their behaviour.

An ultra-efficient site but not necessarily completely perfect. 
Once the optimization is in place, your site visitors will have a better understanding of the nature of your business and the reasons why they should buy from you. 

Optimize each page so that everything loads quickly, there is no doubt or uncertainty and they get the answer to all their questions.

Cross-platform compatibility and test different browsers: 

Given that many consumers are turning to mobile devices for their use of the Internet, it is imperative that your e-commerce site is optimized for multiple mobile platforms. 

Smartphones and tablets are the way of the future, and your site should have a simplified layout suited to each of these formats.

Ensure effective security: 

If consumers cannot be sure that their payment information is secure on your site, you can bet that they will simply switch to one of your competitors. 

So display the SSL certificate of your site as well as the logo of any third-party security company with which you work to ensure the security of your customers.

Create thoughtful navigation : 

Security and performance are essential to optimizing your site, but users should also be able to navigate your inventory easily. 

A clear menu system is essential, as is a search box. However, don't neglect every product you offer. 

Include detailed product descriptions and original photos to help users get a better idea of ​​what you have to offer.

Respond to your future customers: 

Whatever the quality of your site, customer service issues are sure to arise. Make sure you have scalable processes - and enough team members - to deal with any issues that may arise. 

In addition, allow your customers to be heard by giving them the opportunity to write comments and testimonials on your site. This will only be beneficial.

It has to be simple for the visitor and for you: 

Whatever type of business you are launching, don't overcomplicate things from the start with too many products. Setting up a new site (or redesigning an existing site) is necessarily very complex and time-consuming. 

In the beginning, start with a simple service like Google Analytics and the pixel, with a single product and gradually develop it from there. You will save time and quickly understand the data. 

It is essential that your analyzes provide detailed figures and the information you need on all aspects of your site's performance, from page loading to the payment process, going through all the intermediate steps.

The site does not have to be perfect, to have the best logo in the world. It must be thought out and optimized to succeed on Shopify and therefore please future visitors.

More tips and advice to succeed on Shopify

Tips for a profitable Shopify store
Tips for a profitable Shopify store

Provide Extended Payment Options

A payment gateway is the most important thing to consider with a Shopify store because you want to be paid, right?

 You want to offer enough payment options to keep customers away, but you also want to keep things simple and streamlined. 

A good idea is to allow sellers to save their payment information by creating an account. They will feel that it is worthwhile to come back. 

You also want to offer them options such as Paypal, debit/credit, cryptocurrency and bank transfer.

Maximize the Sharing of Your Content and Ads

Since you aren't about to get traffic like Amazon or eBay, you need to create traffic for your own store yourself. 

It's hard to do, especially at first, without paying. Social media advertising is the simplest and most direct way to create a target market when you are new to the market. 

There are many ways to advertise, so don't be afraid to be creative. Some of the best Shopify stores started with great viral Facebook advertising. 

Make sure you use all of the analysis tools available to track the success of your ads.

Have an SEO Blog

SEO for Shopify store? Tips and Advice for a Successful Shopify Store
SEO for Shopify store? Tips and Advice for a Successful Shopify Store

If you're not too interested in paid advertising, you can still go for the “slow and infrequent” method of ranking relevant content through SEO. 

Helpful articles, carefully packaged with SEO keywords, allow you to entertain, enlighten and fill your portfolio with every article you create. 

A blog is a great way for you to connect with your customers and show them that there is a real person behind this store. 

People buy people, not things. Use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner to choose keywords and assess competitiveness.

Optimize the store to make it easier to reference

Since we are talking about SEO, we have to talk about the store and the website itself. The most crucial factor in driving traffic to a Shopify store is the quality of the ranking and website performance. 

To be ranked well in search engines, you need to include many relevant keywords in your website in a way that makes sense. 

If you sell wetsuits and get into a rant talking about lawnmowers on the main page of your website, this obviously won't help you position yourself for people looking for wetsuits. 

You want the content of your website to be consistent with what you are selling. Use Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for keyword research.

Optimizing for mobile

According to Business Insider, 45% of all online purchases will be made by mobile phone in 2020. 

This is not a surprise to anyone, as more and more people are moving away from the computer and doing everything on applications compatible with mobile phones. 

If your Shopify dropshipping store is not designed for the mobile experience, I can almost guarantee that you will lose sales. 

First, you need to optimize for mobile and make sure your site looks amazing and works on all devices. 

Avoid long blocks of text and make sure you get to the point quickly when someone ends up on a product page.

Consider Free Shipping

Wherever you look, someone is offering free shipping, and you need to do the same. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Lowes, everyone offers free shipping with few restrictions. 

If someone finds something they like in your store, they may be put off by the fact that they have to pay $ 6 for delivery, even if you price your products accordingly.

Everyone is always looking for your refund and refund policy. Be sure to offer a generous one, and it is clearly stated in the description of each product.

Don't Skimp on Web Design

Expectations are high these days, and people judge a person's reputation based on the appearance of their website. A visual presentation is essential, so make sure you don't skimp when designing your website.

Get a full overview of your business

Customers like to know there is someone behind the mask. It is easy to build a website and start selling things, but it is more difficult for a trader to connect with people. 

Make sure your “about us” page gives customers a sense of who you are and what you represent. This is especially important if you are using a dropshipping business model.

Give your references who you work with

Show the people you work with and if there are any known companies, make sure they know it. This is another form of social proof. 

If potential customers see reputable companies, including other Shopify apps, supporting you, they'll be more likely to spend money in your online store.

Have a good customer support team

In my opinion, this is a major disruptor. If I ask a question, I expect a quick and complete answer. Make sure you have a live chat on your store and respond to inquiries within the first few minutes when they arrive. 

If you need 24 hours to respond to someone, this buyer is gone. You can still outsource this task if you have a little income.

Send products for testing and unboxing

Another form of social proof is a product review. People are more likely to buy something if they see that someone else has bought it and has had a good experience. 

Encourage customers to give feedback after making a purchase. Make sure to sell follow-up emails and encourage them by offering them a percentage on their next purchase if they leave a review.

Track Everything

The biggest advantage of online stores over traditional stores is the ability to track everything that is happening on the internet and track and recover data.
Earn money online with shopify and fb ads
Earn money online with Shopify and FB ads

Use the great tools you have. Make sure the FB pixel is set up correctly if you're using paid ads and use Google Analytics to track all of your traffic.
Inform the general public

You want to network with the right people in your industry. Do everything you can to give more visibility to your Shopify business. You could reach journalists, industry bloggers, social media influencers, and even other stores. 

Also, consider the possibility of blogging guests. See if they would be willing to comment or spread the word about your store.

Use drag and drop tools to make a beautiful design

Most e-commerce store owners don't have a lot of coding knowledge, which is why drag and drop stores like Shopify are so useful. 

Use the built-in store functionality to your advantage. Make sure your store design is in line with what you are looking to accomplish. If you are completely lost, consider hiring someone to design your store for you.

Stay true to your niche

In the beginning, it's a great way to build trust with consumers because they see that you specialize in a certain product. Over time, this limits you to that specific area, but you can always create a new store focused on a different product. Being an expert really reassures the client.

Spy on your competition

I can't think of a better example than the comparison between Mcdonalds and Burger King. I don't know if Burger King ever finds their ideas because everything they sell is based on an article from another fast food restaurant, usually Mcdonalds. 

Is it a smart or stupid thing to do? I think it's brilliant to pay attention to what your competitors are doing and build on their success. You should do the same with your Shopify dropshipping business. 

High-quality photos

Tips for a successful Shopify store
Tips for a successful Shopify store

It's all about appearance and images, and that goes for your online store as well. 

You need to provide a ton of amazing images on your store to make a good impression. 

When we can't set foot in your store and touch the product with our hands, we need to take full advantage of the experience by looking at it online. 

The only way to achieve this is to provide clear, high-resolution images that appear.

Fight for Advice

If you're looking for an incredibly fast way to skyrocket your success, do a lot of word of mouth marketing for your store. 

Social proof is essential, and when you are an unknown Shopify store that does not have many followers, people should realize that you are reputable and legitimate.

Use Email Marketing or Mailing

Having an email marketing list is one of the most powerful tools in e-commerce. With a list, you can send targeted messages to specific buyer groups that meet their needs and want. 

By appealing to their special interests, you speak their language directly. 

To do this, you first need to start collecting information about people, and most stores do this through a pop-up window or by offering an incentive in exchange for their email. 

You could offer a 10% discount in your store if they subscribe to your newsletter - something like that.
Remember to talk about reimbursement

Keep Product Titles Simple

It may sound nice to find nice titles for your products, but keep it simple and straightforward. Instead, focus on the benefits of the product.

Keyword Search

Keep an eye out for popular search terms that relate to what you are selling. Your e-commerce store should focus on ranking the relevant search terms.

Do not copy descriptions

Never copy a description exactly. It's a quick way to get penalized, but you also want to stand out.

Use people's pain points, resolve pains

When explaining the benefits of your product, be sure to spell out how it solves their problem. Find the product on a website like Amazon and find the most common complaint, use it in your description.

Pay attention to loading times

How many times have you been on a website that has taken more than five seconds to load, and you have therefore bounced? Enough talk.

Remember Logistics

No matter what your shipping process is, don't get too caught up in the design and marketing stuff of luxury stores. If you can't get products to customers quickly, you won't have a store to design.

Consider increasing the average basket.

Tips for a profitable Shopify Store
Tips for a profitable Shopify Store

Never let someone leave without buying something else to go with it. Examine the average size of your order and think of a way to increase it. Consider grouping certain products to stand out.

Use social proof

We have already talked about it, but we will repeat it. Use testimonials, online shopping history, reviews, whatever you need to do to prove that your products are worth the money they spend.

Let customers know where the product comes from

If your products are shown somewhere, let your customers know. If they saw it on TV or on Aliexpress, clearly state it in your description. 

Merchants must quickly gain the trust of their customers. Showing where you got a product idea or original product is a huge advantage.

Retargeting / retargeting and follow-up

You follow everything to be able to retarget the abandoned basket and follow the returning customers. Make sure that no 
one becomes a “one and that's it”.

Using exit pop-ups

Another way to limit the bouncing of your website is to use exit pop-ups. When someone tries to click on the back arrow or on the X of your website, they are invited to make a unique offer. Privy's release intent is a great tool.

Use the best suppliers

The only way to stand out is to sell good products among all the garbage that exists. There are more than 170 dropshipping apps on the Shopify App market for entrepreneurs. 

The most important suppliers are Oberlo. The Oberlo app is very popular with store owners who want to source from millions of suppliers in AliExpress. 

Aliexpress' dropshipping program allows Shopify merchants to work with suppliers who send orders directly from their warehouses in China to the end customer. That said, be selective in choosing your suppliers.

Include a FAQ page

Having a FAQ page on your dropshipping store is the best way to limit the time you or someone else has to spend answering questions in live chat.  Make sure you have a clear FAQ page.

Use urgency and scarcity

We disapprove of creating a fake rarity, but having a countdown is a great way to drive sales. You must make sure to let the offer expire at the end of the countdown. 

The client does not have to refresh and see that everything has started all over again, it will burn all the credibility that you have worked so hard to build.

Automate your marketing

If the marketing of your dropshipping store seems too important to you, you can outsource everything if you have the necessary budget. There are a lot of people and businesses that focus on e-commerce store sales.

Diversify marketing platforms

Don't be afraid to cross and market your store on as many platforms as possible. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat.

Personalize Your Brand

Some of the most popular online stores are so successful because they have created this incredible brand that people recognize. 

Think of the “Squatty Potty”. It all started with their viral advertising on Youtube, but it was memorable, and they created a brand for something as silly as a stool for your toilet.

Use original content

If you are creating content for a blog or content marketing strategy, make sure it is yours. Having your own Youtube channel with original content focused on your products is a great way to boost your sales and outshine the competition.

Don't forget user-generated content

If you have a lot of satisfied customers, why not offer them a video review of your product. If you have a unique product that people don't know about, this is an effective strategy.

Have translation functions

Cross the communication barriers by offering your e-commerce site in several languages. Remember that you must also offer assistance in these languages ​​if you are going this route.

A / B Test your site, payment form

You should always have two variants of everything at the same time so that you can test them side by side. You never know what works unless you test it with something slightly different. This is the key to success on Shopify.

Participate in forums

Integrating an online forum into your website is a difficult exercise, but it works well if you have a niche product. If you're selling something that people are really passionate about and like to chat to, a forum could be a worthwhile investment.

Use Video

Throughout your website, you should have video reviews and videos of you with the products you sell. When people see products in action in your dropshipping store, they are more likely to take out their wallets.

Use influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a visual affair, and e-commerce stores are a visual affair. Put the two together to maximize your income. If you're selling a sexy product or something aesthetic, consider using Instagram influencers to promote it.

Using Basket Recovery Tools

The A / B test of your checkout is a great way to limit the number of abandoned carts you have. Always move things, move objects and add social proof to the checkout experience.
Sell ​​on multiple platforms

Do not limit yourself to Shopify or BigCommerce. Consider selling on Amazon, eBay and Etsy as well.

Remind those who want it that the products are available

If you have a wish list tool in your store, you need to have a follow-up strategy with your target audience. If they already wanted something, chances are they will want it again if you follow up regularly.

Reduce your clicks

Always test your store to find out how many clicks it takes for someone to go from the urge to buy to payment authorization. If there is something you could delete, do it.

Focus on Free Marketing

First, use SEO and other free marketing tools. These are long-term solutions that will help you in the future. If you combine them with paid marketing options, you prepare from the start to achieve maximum success later.

Give something amazing

Consider giving a gift or a promotion on social media. Some of the biggest viral messages revolve around free stuff. 

It's also a great way to get people to join your mailing list for marketing further down the sales pipeline.

We hope you found this list useful and that you can use some of these tips to get started on the road to success or to increase your growth!

With Shopify at your disposal, your site will work with one of the most respected and extensive resources that exist. 

From personalization to easy management of your products, Shopify is certainly one of the best ways to create and succeed your internet sales site, to extend your reach and increase your potential profits.