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10 Free Online Jobs without Investment and Registration Fees For Students in 2020

10 free online jobs without investment and registration fees for students 2020
10 Free online jobs without investment and registration fee for students 2020

        Are you a student and searching for free online jobs without investment and registration fees? Want to earn from $30 up to $65 daily from home with no registration fees?
        Then, Yes you have landed on the right page where I have shared various genuine online jobs that you can do without any investment and any registration fees. 

Read this article if you are an eligible student and avoid getting scammed with registration fees. These online jobs are free to register.

      There are many scam websites online that don't pay you money even after completing the job.

       Don’t worry after reading this post you won’t get scammed and will be able to earn from $30 up to $65 daily work from home without investment.

       Genuine online jobs without registration fee that pay you daily with no investment for students

1.  Online consultant jobs:      
    This online job doesn't even need a degree nor any expertise to become an online consultant. 
      Everyone with a decent knowledge of a particular topic with which he/she can solve someone's problem can become a consultant on that particular topic.

    To be an excellent online consultant, at least you need the following skills to be developed.

  • A Good Communicator
  • Quick Problem Solver
  • Fast Learner
  • Good Decision Maker
  • Creative Thinker
  • Solution Focused

2.  Online Photography jobs:
In this developing technology with DSLR quality cameras (high pixel camera phones) can make you money also.
Following methods are suggested in this regard

  • Teaching photography online.
  • Sell your photos on stock websites.
  • Write a photography blog online
  • Conduct photography tours and workshops online
  • Become a social guru.
  • get an Entry-Level Job online

3.  Earn Money by Playing Games Online
     If any of you students doesn't want to do jobs online. Then no problem, you can earn money even by Playing Games Online. 
     There are many sites online to make money by playing games. When you win you get rewards, that you can Redeem in the form of Paypal Cash or Direct Bank Transfer.
    Below are the Popular websites to Make Money by Playing Games.

The best websites to earn money playing games online:
·       Inbox Dollars: earn cash while playing games online
·      Swagbucks pays people to complete surveys, including playing games
·      Point Club
·      Bingo Mania
·      Gamesville
·      Pogo
·      Second life
·      Paid Game Player

4.  Earn Cash by Ad Posting Work

       Do you want copy-paste work online? This is the easiest online job with which you can make $15 to $65 daily just by copying text ads or filling forms online into various free classified sites.

     It all depends on you how much you post these ads on various different free classified sites. More work more money!!!

       After your free registration on ad posting sites, you are provided with all data to copy. Just paste those to different free classified sites or forum sites.
      Search on google for free classified ad websites and boom you get millions of free classified ad sites. You can repeat it on other search engines too like MSN, Yahoo, duckduckgo, Rediff etc.

5.  Virtual assistant jobs

     Working as VA i.e. virtual assistant is one of the easiest ways of work from home.
      A  virtual assistant is one who administers the services from home instead of a clients' office. It includes planning, sharing docs remotely the following tasks.

      Here are some basic tasks that virtual assistants are required to complete:
·      Making phone calls to clients 
·      Managing Emails
·      researching on the internet
·      Data entry work
·      Scheduling appointments
·      Editing work
·      Writing work

A Virtual Assistant should have the following qualities.
  • The most important one is reliability 
  • Good communication skills
  • Time-management
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Managing expectations and growing confidence
  • Adding value to assigned work
  • Working alone 

6.   Typing Jobs

Typing jobs are of two types.

online data filling jobs:

    The employee has to work live on the Internet. The typed data is directly entered into the live web application and sent to the server. 

Offline data entry work:

      The employee uses local software (MS-Word, Excel, etc) to fill the data. Then he/she has to send the completed work report to the company via email.

      Both online and offline data entry works are provided in a raw format i.e. scanned pages, images of texts, videos and audios etc. 
      These data available in a raw format is to be converted into digital texts. Thus converting the raw data into digital data the employee earns money in return from the company. 

7.  Work at Home Transcription jobs For Beginners:
      Transcription is one of the best paying online jobs from home. It requires a little to no experience but without investment and registration fees.
      Transcription is basically typing out an audio file as you listen.

    There are many companies that hire transcriptionists but they require a bachelor degree as well as some experience in this field.
     Here I am listing the companies that hire beginners and people who don't have any transcription experience as well.
8.   Online tutor jobs:
     Nowadays remote teaching and tutoring are in high demand due to Covid-19 stay at home campaign. If you love teaching others this is another free online job that doesn't need any training.
     A tutor is basically an informal professional who teaches online without any degree or certification. 

9. Freelancing Jobs

Anyone can become a freelance writer without any experience of degree. Its perfect stay at home online job without investment and fees.

      Freelance Writing is producing written text from home or wherever you want without being employed by a company or organisation. 

     You have to write as per the needs of clients provided by them. Anyone can become a freelance writer without investment and registration fee. 

    If you are fed up with your job then this is one of the best online stay at home jobs with no experience needed.

These are the best beginner-friendly Freelancing Sites.

·      Freelancer

·      Guru
·      Truelancer
·      Fiverr
·      Upwork
·      People per hour
·      freelanced                                                                                  
  10. Online translation jobs for students:
             If you are fluent in at least two languages then you can easily get online translation jobs. Mostly, freelancers are hired for translation jobs; some companies also hire home-based employees.

            You don't need any degree to qualify for translation jobs if you are fluent in the language to be translated. 

      If you have some experience in this field it will be a plus point for you since clients preferably hire translators with some working experience.

   Agencies that hire online translators
  • Onehour translation
  • Textmaster
  • Smartling
  • Gengo 
  • Tranlatorscafe
  • Translation directory
  • Smartcat
  • unabel

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