Friday, May 22, 2020

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages?

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages?

Do you want to make money on Facebook pages? 

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages
How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

By the way, we can earn money online using different online digital channels and social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest etc.

In this article, I will tell you "how to make money online on Facebook Pages."

Before we start, let me tell you about Facebook because it's not just a social media network; it has much more stuff to know if you are planning to make money making Facebook pages.

Facebook is not just a social media network.

Facebook is not just social networking. Facebook is an online location where people can hang out, socialize, and discuss things of interest along with people who can buy, sell, and promote different products on Facebook.

As you are interested in "how to earn money on Facebook Page."  Let me quickly tell you how you can create a professional Facebook Page to promote your service.

What is Facebook Page?

Facebook page is an option provided by Facebook to promote your business or brand on its platform free of cost.

To create a Facebook Page, you must create your Facebook profile first. To create a Facebook profile, you need either an email or a valid phone number 

Follow this link to create your Facebook profile.

Once your Facebook profile is created, you can log in to your Facebook profile to create your Facebook page by clicking on “create option” and select page and follow the instruction to create the Facebook page and all set.

Now you are ready with your Facebook page, but the question is, howto make money on Facebook page? Below I have listed 4 ways to make money on the FB page.

Keep in mind apart from the Facebook page, and you can also earn money on Facebook by using the below methods.

Ways to make money from Facebook.

  1. One of the best methods togenerate money is using Facebook Page.
  2. You can make money online by Facebook Group.
  3. Create your own Facebook Profile to earn money online.

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages
How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

As I said, you can earn an attractive amount by using the above 3 methods on Facebook. In all the ways, the steps are different.I am listing the 4 major ways to generate money using the Facebook page.

4 Ways to Make Money OnFacebook Pages.

1.   Promote your article on the Facebook page
2.   Promote other articles on your Facebook page.
3.   Run Paid ads to get traffic.
4.   By doing affiliate marketing on your Facebook page.

If you want to make money by using the Facebook page, then you can try the above-listed ways. 

But convincing people on social media or any digital channel is not so easy before you want to sell or promote your product or services you need to gain the trust of the users.

Let me tell you how you can earn online using Facebook page.

The first step you need to do is to create your fan following the base of the targeted audience.  You can get a targeted audience in multiple ways. 

1.   By posting quality and useful content, so that people come to your page and like your page.
2.   You can run a Facebook campaign and promote your page so that people can like your page and build your community.
3.   Participate in other relevant groups and promote your page and provoke people to like your page also.
4.   Join other relevant groups and share useful and proven content to get exposer.

Promote your article on the Facebook page

1-  Facebook is one of the most popular platforms these just. Gone are the days when it was considered only a social media platform. 
   Every business house is using Facebook and wanted to reach the Facebook audience because huge numbers of people are present there.

2-  One can easily convert them as potential customers. This is so because most people have a general tendency to check this platform to respond to various products and services. 

    This means that you can also promote your article on Facebook and earn.

Easy way to share articles

a-   Now you must be wondering about the right method to make this work for you. Well, the good thing is that there are many ways by which you can make it possible within a few minutes. 
   But today we are going to discuss the most suitable method which should consume very little time of yours.

b-  We never forget the fact that millions of users are on Facebook, who checks it regularly for the information related to the various brands' products and services. 
   Now you must bet thinking about the benefits of promoting your article on Facebook.
How To Make Money On Facebook Pages
How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

Reasons to opt for Facebook.

1-  Marketers should promote their content on Facebook because the cost per click price is very low on Facebook. This means that other paid channels.

2-  The next reason you should choose Facebook for the promotion is the targeting options of Facebook. This will make you able to reach potential buyers in fewer efforts.

3-  You can also choose the paid promotion option that will enhance your post's reach to the correct audience organically.

4-  Using Facebook for promotion is quite easy as compare to other platforms. This means that anyone with a simple knowledge of computers and the internet and promotes the content.

5-  There are user-friendly promotions available that are hardly available with any other platform.

The correct way to promote the article

One more plus point of promotion of your content on Facebook is that it is free of cost. Users can simply post the link of the article on the Facebook book page. 

The only thing that you have to do is to copy the URL of your article and paste it in the sharing box of the Facebook page.

Creditability does matter

-        There are huge benefits of sharing the article on Facebook page because millions of active users are there. 
      Your post will have access to a significant percentage of the audience directly through your page.

-        Facebook users who have already liked your page will get your post directly. But one should always remember that your audience should have great trust on your page to act. 
     This means that you have to win the trust of the audience to improve the creditability of your Facebook post.

-        Never forget the fact that more number of likes means that one of your audiences will start trusting on your posts. 

     This means that you will have more creditability of the post, and more individuals will click on your past. This will be highly beneficial for you.

Promote another article on your Facebook page

1-  The next earning way on Facebook is to promote other articles on your Facebook page. You should remember the fact the role of digital marketing has increased in several folds.

2-  Millions of users are present on the social media platform, and even big business houses cannot neglect this factor.

3-  For big business houses, it is sometimes hard to spend the spare time on the promotion on Facebook. This means they need influencers on Facebook who are already in touch with the huge number of audiences.

4-  Influencers already have a good bonding with their audience, and here comes the opportunity to earn.

5-  Be master in a particular niche and make a huge number of audiences to earn a great sum of money through promoting the content of others with your audience.

6-  Certainly, the sellers would like to take the benefits of interaction with the huge audience and trust that you have built in the market.

7-  Make your own Facebook group, add a huge number of people with you, and promote the other article. Certainly, they will be ready to pay you for it since you have a direct approach to the huge audience for them.

8-  Share the article with others and improve traffic for their website. In some cases, such partners will be sharing a good sum of money as a commission.

9-  For the viral posts, you can also earn more money. This means that the quicker response of the audience will be working for you. You should use the right type of viral tag to have a swift response.

By doing affiliate marketing on the Facebook page

-        Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in the sale at present. Facebook is so big that any segment of the marketing is hardly said to be completed without it.

-        More than two billion users are there every month. This means that huge potentials are there on Facebook for affiliate marketing as well.

-        It is important to know that to run the affiliate marketing the segment on Facebook, one must have a legit website with perfect affiliated content.

       The Facebook page owner can see much statistical data, which is quite useful for the affiliate marketing point of view.

-        For example, the page owners can easily see the number of likes on the page and engagement on the post. It is also possible to track followers and other things like video statistics.

-        Sticking with a particular niche is highly beneficial. This means that you will have a particular audience and with a taste. 

       This is more suitable for affiliate marketing and promoting a particular product and services with it.

-        For example, you love cooking and post new recipes on your page every day, and you can sell some cooking-related products like a kitchen appliance, cooking material, and many more. 

      This particular way of working with Facebook will win the trust of the audience. They will start trusting on the content that you are posting, and you can correctly influence them.

NOTE: to sell affiliate products on Facebook page or group or profile you MUST have a Landing page otherwise your page, group, or profile may get blocked by Facebook

Run Paid ads to get traffic.

1-  Facebook allows users to connect the Facebook page with paid ads. This feature is really great and completely flexible. This means that you can set the target audience and your budget.

2-  The users can also set a particular geographical location and schedule for running the ads. This is a highly efficient feature of Facebook that one should use to have maximum benefits.

3-  The entire process of running paid ads to get traffic is very simple. Anyone can complete the process just by following the simple instructions that are seen on the screen.

4-  Many web pages are also there along with the Facebook support to guide you best-paid ads as per your own need and requirement. 

    This will certainly, be beneficial and will increase the overall value of the Facebook page by increasing its traffic.

Paid subscription of the page

1-  Facebook gives the facility of special option fan subscriptions. Through this option, you can take the funds from the fans who love your page's content.

2-  You can set to get the payment monthly or in any other schedule as per the type of audience and page you have.

3-  You should recognize the special fans that are your potential subscriber and give them extra content and other discounts.

4-  By getting extra benefits, they will certainly prefer to stay on your Facebook page. This is one of the easiest methods as well to earn more money through the Facebook page.

Placing ads in the video

1-  Video content has increased in several folds and most of the content people prefer to see on the internet is video content. 

    Facebook page owners can include the ads in the video content. However, there are many other factors you should always keep in mind.  And that is the suitability of the content for the advertiser.

2-  Every advertiser has different sorts of policies for the monetization.  You must make sure that your ads are meeting the payment parameters, and you get paid for them at the end. 

    For this, you should make sure that the content that you are posting on the video must be good for the ads.


   Before choosing any particular method of earning through the Facebook page, it is highly recommended to know your strengths and weaknesses. 
  After doing this, you will be able to make a better decision and choose the most suitable method.

   It is quite possible that mixing up two or more methods can work for you. You should do trial and run with the different methods and be flexible.