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Affiliate Marketing: What Is affiliate marketing?And How Can You Make Money With It?

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It And How Can You Make Money With It?

What Is affiliate marketingAnd How Can You Make Money With It
What Is affiliate marketing and How Can You Make Money With It?

Today, many producers and entrepreneurs aim to increase their profits and reach their brand. 

For this, they choose to work with people who are willing to advertise their product and earn a commission for each sale made. Those are the affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing is a new form of marketing that aims to increase the reach of a particular product so that they can win over new consumers.

It turns out that people are increasingly demanding and critical of online products. They know very well the ideal type of advertising when buying online. 

That is why it is important to always update and innovate the ways to attract the public.

If you did not know Affiliate Marketing and did not even know that this is a way to work on the internet, read this article until the end and learn everything you need about how to be an affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is affiliate marketing and How Can You Make Money With It?
What Is affiliate marketing and How Can You Make Money With It?
Affiliate marketing is nothing less than selling a digital product in exchange for commissions. 

This advertising model is an interesting alternative for people who want to work from home selling products on the internet.

Let's suppose that a friend of yours provided you with socks for you to sell, each sock costs R $ 3.99 and for each sock sale you make, you receive part of the money from the sale for that.

That's how Affiliate Marketing works. For every sale of a third party product you make, you will be getting a commission for it. It is quite simple. Sold, earned a percentage.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

It is quite simple, the step by step is:

  •  The Producer launches the product
  •  The Affiliate helps to promote the product
  •  Customer purchases
  •  The link and origin of the sale is tracked through the platform the affiliate is subscribed to
  •  The producer receives his share of the sale
  •  The affiliate also gets his share of the sale

The affiliate does not need to create any  product to make money over the internet, just publicize the product of third parties using your unique affiliate link.

He earns money by selling a product from another person or a specific company using his communication channels with websites, blogs, youtube channel, etc.

Producers, on the other hand, are able to increase the reach of their products, raise their brand, have more recognition and make more sales.

The great advantage in this is for the consumer, who in the past are more likely to choose what is best and best suited to his interests.

What Is affiliate marketingAnd How Can You Make Money With It
What Is affiliate marketing and How Can You Make Money With It?

Who Forms Affiliate Marketing?

The structure of the Affiliate Marketing is formed by:

Producer (The creator or creator of a given product)

Affiliate (Who publishes and earns commissions for the sale of these products)

Customer (Who buys these products)

Ways of Disclosure in Affiliate Marketing  

There are several ways for Affiliate programs. It is up to the Producer to decide which one is the best for his product or service.

 Even though they are quite similar, both Affiliate Marketing and the one aimed at capturing leads is different from those that are only in the conversion, although the two aim at financial return. 

Now, we will explain to you each of the existing affiliate programs currently on the market.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

In this type of program, the Affiliate will receive a commission per click that someone gives in an ad that is on their blog, website, etc. 

To get a good return on CPC, you'll need to choose good banners or pop-ups to put on your site, as CPC will depend on the performance of these ads. Cost per Action (CPA).

 In cost per action, the Affiliate is remunerated from an action on the landing page of the ad made by the user, such as making a registration or making a purchase. 

For this, it is necessary to use your influence or the Copywrite to convince the public to take a specific action on that website. 

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

In the Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) format, the advertiser pays a fixed amount to the Affiliate, when the advertising banner reaches 1,000 views. 

It is worth mentioning that the number of impressions is equivalent to the number of pageviews on the blog, assuming that whoever browses a page is already being impacted by the advertising that is there.

Therefore, CPM is interesting for the Affiliate who has many accesses, as he will be paid on a recurring basis, regardless of the number of visitors who click on the banner. Cost Per Sale (CPV)

In the CPV, the Affiliate only receives the commission when the link shared by him generates sales.

You can find platforms that use this model, such as Hotmart, Monetizze, Eduzz, in which sales made by affiliates are tracked through hotlinks (which are unique advertising links for each affiliate for a given product). 

Through that tracking is that each affiliate's commission is generated and falls directly into their account. Where to Publish My Affiliate Links?

To be a great Affiliate and have great results it is not necessary that you have an exclusive channel for this.

Although it is highly recommended that you do if you want to reach expand your results and reach your consumers wherever they are.

Here are some channels that you can use to advertise your affiliate link.

Website or Blog

Affiliate Marketing with a Blog
Affiliate Marketing with a Blog

One of the best ways to advertise your affiliate link, since in addition to having editorial freedom, you can also customize the page to make your product stand out.

Having a blog is also very advantageous for those who like to leave their opinion on certain products, and can also use persuasive arguments through writing and photos to reinforce their authority on a given subject. Social networks

The  social networks  are the channels used to promote products and services, and can dramatically increase your results as long as you do the right way.

The main networks used for this are:

  • Facebook (which has already surpassed 2 billion users worldwide)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

You can run campaigns on these networks to increase your results or you can make deals with digital influencers to advertise your product or link. E-mail marketing

 Affiliates who have an email base have the chance to build a relationship with their leads, deliver free quality content to these people, and even convince them to make the purchase.

It is simple and at the same time revolutionary strategy, as it shows people who accompany you that you are not just there to sell but to help solve their problems while you add value.

But before you start promoting a particular product, try to understand your audience and what they prefer.

If you are a person who likes a lot of information before making a purchase, a blog is essential.

Do you prefer to focus on seasonal products?

In that case, social networks are the best places for your strategy, as people spend most of their day connected.

The ideal is that you invest in the places that have the greatest amount of potential customers, because only then, you will not only be in the right place but always the best time.

4 Steps to Affiliate

Step 1: Choose a Good Affiliate Program

There are currently several companies that offer Affiliate Programs, whether physical or digital products. Companies like Amazon, Hotmart, Monetizze, Eduzz, Magazine Luiza, among others. Before choosing one, you must analyze and research enough to make sure that you will have a rewarding and worthwhile job.

Step 2: Choose the Right Products to Promote

To be a great Affiliate and have great results with the internet, you need to choose a good product, but the truth is: how will I know? Well, when choosing a product to join, think about which area you would like to work in.

 Such as Gastronomy, Fitness, Digital Marketing among many others. Think of a niche that you would like to work in, because only then would you work with something that you like and would always be motivated.

After thinking about which product, evaluate the product, see what it offers and what people are talking about it, because after all it is no use offering a bad product to your customers, you need to offer the best quality.

After seeing the topic, the product, product quality, it's time to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Educate Your Audience About the Product You Are Selling

 If your goal as an Affiliate is to earn recurring monetization, you will need to educate your audience about the product you are selling and what that particular page is for.

For that, you can make free ebooks of high value available, and always post good content on a certain subject.

A great way to convince potential customers about the quality of that product is to do demonstrations through online broadcasts such as lives, stories or short videos on Instagram and Facebook. 

Step 4: Work with Paid Advertising

 Working with paid campaigns can help you to UP your sales faster.

But just investing your money in campaigns is not enough to convince your potential customers to buy the product you are advertising.

Since consumers today are much more demanding, therefore, your campaigns must be clear With clear objectives about that offer.

Do not forget the copy and the image corresponding to the ad, in addition to the two also having to be consistent with your product.


Through this article, you saw that Digital Marketing is a great business model but it is also not a promise of easy money.

He also saw that it is a great opportunity for change for those who want to work at home and saw the 4 steps to start in this great market.

The market is always evolving, so if you don't want to be left behind, studying and always looking to learn is a great option.

So study, learn, put into practice and test the results. Don't be afraid to try something in marketing. And if you try and it doesn't work out, fine, you can start again. 

Remember if:
Only those who take chances are conquered.

Are you willing to take a chance?